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Toronto Today - Downtown Toronto's Hyperlocal News Source

Hello Downtown Toronto!

Toronto skyline

Village Media is an Ontario-based digital local news publisher. We operate daily news websites in 23 cities across the province, and run two online business publications as well as a lifestyle publication.  

Think of us like the daily newspaper, without the paper.

In 2024, we plan to launch

Much like our other sites, TorontoToday will have a hyperlocal focus. We do not intend to cover the entire GTA, but rather just the downtown core. Our coverage will be focused on a defined geographic boundary: from Dufferin on the West to Bloor on the North, to the DVP on the East and the water on the South.


We aren't a blog site, lifestyle site, or a national news site. We won't be talking about what's happening in the broad GTA - and we won't be covering sports. There are many other places to find these things.

We'll be focused on the things that matter most to the people who live and work in the downtown: from city council to transit to the general goings-on of Toronto. We'll be exploring housing, business, arts and culture, health, the environment and more.  All focused on life in the downtown.

We anticipate a launch in fall, 2024.  

If you'd like to help shape the future of TorontoToday, we'd love to have you participate in our survey.





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